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We've teamed up with Shopify to make our deliveries carbon neutral and further our commitment to sustainability. Now, every time you place an order, you will support some of the most promising climate solutions on Earth. For all orders, we use Shopify Planet to offer carbon-neutral shipping and support the technologies necessary for future-proofing the planet.

Carbon neutral deliveries

Planet focuses on carbon removal, rather than offsetting carbon with forest protection. To do this, Shopify works with high-impact companies like Carbon Engineering, Climeworks, Running Tide and Remora through the Shopify Sustainability Fund to make a real impact on our Earth.

Shopify commits a minimum of $5M USD annually to fight for the environment with Shopify's Sustainability Fund.

Commerce can only thrive in the long term if our planet thrives too. That's why the Shopify Sustainability Fund backs the development of technologies that remove carbon from the atmosphere. The return on our investment? Accelerated carbon removal and a thriving planet.

There’s no easy fix for climate change, and no solution that will singlehandedly solve the problem. We have to try every possible option, from those that leverage natural processes to new technologies that lock carbon away forever. We need existing solutions that can make a difference now, and emerging technologies that could have a huge impact in the future. Shopify’s Sustainability Fund pays the early-adopter premium for carbon removal, funding pilot projects and generating demand to kickstart the market and drive down future prices.

Planet Earth

“We know that customers have never cared more about how their purchases impact the environment. With Planet, Shopify businesses can use carbon-neutral shipping to connect with customers while supporting the most innovative climate solutions on Earth,” says Stacy Kauk, Shopify’s Head of Sustainability.

“Minimizing our environmental footprint is about sustaining and hopefully improving a world that will one day be inherited by our own kids and nieces and nephews, and children all around the world."

We're very pleased that we can now offer our customers a sustainable shipping solution.

To read more about the Sustainability Fund and what types of climate solutions are being funded, read How to Kick-Start the Carbon Removal Market: Shopify’s Playbook.

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