Dinner at home

Dinner at home(photo: Poni Studio)

Whether by choice or by lockdown, it's the perfect time to turn dinner at home into a fine dining experience. For intimate gatherings, a small dinner party or a milestone celebration with friends & family, at the moment there's no place like home. So get in that kitchen, get your hands dirty (metaphorically speaking ...wash your hands before you touch any food!) and cook up a storm.

Sculptural candles at dinner(photo: Poppy Culture)

Not a great cook? Not a big problem. There are plenty of options these days to get food brought in, think food delivery services like Uber Eats or home-cooked meals from The Dinner Ladies, or get a dinner box with ingredients and recipe instructions from the likes of Dinnerly, Hello Fresh or Marley Spoon.

Most people won’t remember the food - but they'll remember the good times.

And it's not just about the food. A big part of the dining experience is the surroundings and the mood it creates. If you have a nice table there's no need to cover it, but either way tasteful placemats made of natural material go a long way without costing a bomb, or use a table runner to add a dash of colour. Flowers are another great way of adding some colour and giving the old dining room a fresh look. Don't be afraid to dim the lights a little to create some intimacy, and set the mood by adding candles. Make sure they're unscented so they don't distract from the food & wine. Create mesmerising clusters of candlelight by adding sculptural candles of different height and width together.

 Candlelit dinner table(photo: Heart Strings Hire & Style)

It also helps to keep in mind that ultimately, what matters is not the food you put on the table or the extent of your decorating skills, it’s the love you put into it and the effort you spend to create a memory. Think back on memorable evenings and you'll find that it's not the food you remember but the company; experiencing the feelings and good times. In the end, it's all about bringing people together; the talk, the laughter, the joy and the good vibes.

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