The benefits of unscented

Fragrance free candles

At Candle Kiosk we create candles not as scent, but as design objects; everyday sculptures in wax that mesmerise as they slowly burn down and change shape. We focus on the experience of natural light, the tranquility of simply watching the flickering of a flame and the shadows it throws.

Why not scented? A large part of life is made up of little moments; a cup of freshly brewed coffee, a glass of wine, good food with friends. Candlelight can enhance and even create these moments, but you don't necessarily want to add scent to that mix.

"A way to enjoy light without being overwhelmed by fragrance."

In many ways taste is all about scent: you often smell food before you taste it, creating a mood and anticipation for what is to come; cookies baking, coffee brewing. And vice versa, you inadvertently taste what you smell. As such, a large part of the enjoyment of food, or beverages, is the aromas they create. So while a scented candle can be a lovely addition to a bathroom or bedroom, you want to keep artificial scents as far away from your kitchen and dining area as you can, or from anywhere else you enjoy food & drinks.

In our minds, the key to enjoying any experience is to be able to focus fully on it, and not to be distracted by simultaneous experiences that overwhelm your senses. Our sculptural candles provide just that; the opportunity to enjoy candlelight without being overwhelmed by fragrance. We love a good spa scent, but we prefer not to taste it during dinner.

Images courtesy of Poni Studio and Heart Strings Hire + Style

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Great article. I have never thought about candles this way before. I usually go for scent first but since ordering your candles and admiring their unique shapes and beauty, they have become some of my favourite design pieces. Thank you

Marisa Robinson

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