Styling with candles

Sculptural candles styling(photo: White Grey All Day)

Here at Candle Kiosk we design candles as objects, not scent. By using simple forms to create contemporary shapes, finished in a sober colour palette, our candles can be used as modern sculptural pieces (yet without the commitment or price tag of a traditional design object or art piece). Transient by nature and timeless by design.

Styling with sculptural candles(photo: House of Orange)

The classic shapes and colours make them easy to style, and the textures and materials make them striking statement pieces on their own. Place a cluster of sculptural candles on a coffee table or side table, set them on a stone slab or group them with other items on open shelves.

Sculptural candles(photo: Jono Fleming)

They can be combined as a centre piece or spread out as accent pieces to light up the dinner table, and as they are fragrance free they won't interfere with the delicate aromas of spices, food & wine.

Styling with textured candles(photo: Raw Decor)

Pair sculptural candles with a pop of colour, or keep to a monochrome or black & white palette for a minimalistic design look.

Styling with designer candles(photo: Barefoot Gypsy)

And best of all, you can light them up to create a warm, relaxing mood that will set the tone for the evening.

Textured pillar candles(photo: Bodhi Living)

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