The art of wedding lighting

Wedding candles

Most of us will light some candles for a dinner party and put some thought into the evening's mood lighting, yet when it comes to a grand event like a wedding, lighting can take a back seat to all the other items on the to-do list; we assume that there will be light, and it will be good. Yet just as you don't want brain surgery done by candlelight, you wouldn't want white fluorescent lights to illuminate your vows.

With so many things to think about and organise, it's easy to see how lighting at weddings can get taken for granted. Yet lighting is one of the main contributors to the mood of the event; you want it not too dark, not too bright, warm, intimate and soft. As with most things, it is deeply personal and there is no one-size-fits-all solution; it depends on the space, the time of evening and which stage of the celebrations you're in.

“I love using candles, you can create so much drama and have warm and intimate lighting”

In a recent piece in Vogue, wedding stylists share some of their lighting tips: While ceremonies should rely on natural or subtle lighting like candles rather than theatrics, it is the reception where an adept lighting design can transform the atmosphere – think fairy lights, lanterns, uplighting to add the effect of height to the room, amber lighting to soften a warehouse space or shimmery crystals. Lighting should be adjustable, and work as a complement to the various stages of the reception, so lighting should be set on bright for the bridal party entry, speeches, toasts and entrée and main course food service as well as cake cutting and then dimmed for a more intimate setting.

Candles are also a favourite of wedding planner and stylist James Stein. “I love using candles, you can create so much drama and have warm and intimate lighting,” pointing out that candles are not only functional, but they are part of the overall aesthetic, referring to the flattering glow which helps make expansive spaces feel more intimate.

Whichever option you choose, make sure the lighting complements the space, highlighting what you want to be seen and disguising that which is better left in the dark.

Candles are a natural choice for a range of events, from intimate settings to grand occasions. Looking for candles to lighten up your wedding? Get in touch and find out what we can do for you.

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