Wedding style

There is no right or wrong when it comes to how you plan and style your wedding; whatever works for you and your partner, whatever feels right, go with that. A wedding should be a celebration, a joyous occasion where two people declare their love in front of those they care about the most; friends, family, pets (again, it's your wedding). Without putting too much pressure on yourselves, it should be an event to enjoy, one that you'll look back on and remember with a smile and wish you could do all over again (metaphorically speaking!). The point is, don't let anyone tell you what to do: it's your show, and as long as the right people say 'I do' at some point, anything goes.

Wedding candles

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The only exception is candles :-) Candles make everything better, and everything looks better in candlelight. Nothing makes the evening come alive like candlelight; the flicker of a 100 little flames, dancing on the table. Every candle is a small party in itself.

We've put together this post to get you started with some wedding inspiration. Google some more. Talk to planners and stylists to see which one clicks. And then go and have the time of your life, with the people you love.

Wedding candles

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And if you need candles (you do, see above re. 'exceptions' ;-), you know where to find us. Designed to look good from the first drink to the last dance, trust us with your wedding candles. Stylists do.

So don't stop at choosing the right partner; choose the right candles.

(Pro-tip: just like your wedding, your marriage will greatly benefit from a regular dose of candlelight... just saying.)

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