4 tips for working from home

Home office

Working from home isn't difficult, but it is different. We share a few pointers on how to get started, avoid the pitfalls and make the most of it. 

  1. Expectations

Realise that working from home is not like working out of an office, and set your expectations accordingly. Don’t try to replicate the 9-to-5 office life. You don’t have to be the Instagram Home Employee of the Year and have a perfect setup for this to work. It’ll be frustrating and exhausting and it won’t work because you aren’t in an office. Do what works for you, with the home you have.

  1. Get yourself organised

This can include setting a schedule, creating a dedicated work space and distancing yourself from distractions. Don't go overboard and build yourself a little cubicle with pot plants and pictures of your dog, just set up a desk where you can put your stuff. Simple. Unsure where to start? Start anywhere. Just take the first step, whatever it is, and get into a flow.

  1. Take control

Set yourself a list of things to do, and when to do them. This will make you feel more in control of your time and gives some structure to your day. And realise that it's ok if it doesn't only contain work stuff. Which brings us to our latest and perhaps most important point:

  1. Do it your way

One of the benefits of working from home is that you have the freedom (if not the time) to do things you otherwise couldn’t. Make use of that freedom. Don’t feel like you have to act out a 9-to-5 office day, but fit in time for chores, hobbies, nature and exercise, and schedule your day around those activities. So work early, work late, watch some daytime TV - whatever works for you, as long as you get the job done.

And that's it. No magic, no silver bullet, just a dose of realism and a place to start.

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