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Eat One, Treat One

Recently we had the good fortune to be part of the fundraising dinner for the folks at Two Good Co., an amazing charity that is changing lives across Australia.

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Taking The Paper Route

With so much plastic ending up in our oceans, we've decided to be smarter about our packaging so you receive your candles undamaged, without damaging the world.

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5 ways to stop a candle from dripping

In this post we go into ways to prevent a candle from dripping. If you're burning a well-made, good quality candle then most of the causes for a dripping candle can be easily remedied. Read on and find out how to avoid a candle from dripping.

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Safety First

Did you know that there are currently no industry standards for candles in Australia? At Candle Kiosk, we take quality seriously: our candles are independently tested.

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