About Our Candles

We design candles as objects, not scent. Created from the bottom up, our candles stand steady and have been designed for a clean, slow burn that lasts longer and burns all the way down. All our candles are fragrance free, hand-poured from the finest wax (either coconut wax or mineral wax, depending on the candle) and finished with a 100% natural cotton wick so they are non-toxic, biodegradable and lead-free.

Natural candles

Our Packaging

With so much plastic ending up in our oceans, we've decided to be smarter about our packaging & have chosen a more considered route; we make our packaging entirely out of recycled paper, from the box to the protective buffers inside it. And the candles are individually wrapped in tissue paper, not plastic. So we can ship our candles undamaged, without damaging the world.

Handmade candles

Candle Quality

A good candle can be judged by its weight; we make solid, heavy candles that do not contain fillers (air, water). This means our candles burn longer, cleaner and brighter.

At Candle Kiosk we take quality seriously; our candles have passed the following quality and safety tests:

  • Standard Specification for Fire Safety for Candles (ASTM F-2417)
  • Australia Mandatory Standard for Candles with Wicks (Trade Practices Act 1974, Consumer Protection Notice No. 7 of 2002)

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