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Large black wedding candles

Grand candles for grand occasions

Style your event with Australia's favourite event candle. Candle Kiosk candles have been created from the bottom up, so they can handle an eventful evening.

All of the mood without the mess: our high quality candles are non-dripping and long-lasting, and because of this they can be re-used again and again. Choose quality for your next event and find out why we’re Australia’s preferred candle supplier for events.
Flowers set the tone, candles set the mood.
“Keep making amazing candles, they are incredible!”
~ Duo Events
"We used your candles and we were VERY impressed with them! They burned beautifully, with zero drips, and they are still in amazing condition for the next wedding."
~ Little Lane Events
"Candles looked amazing AND DIDN’T DRIP!!!!
My hurricane vases are now reusable for once 😊"
~ Rizer

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Quality candles, great customer service and streamlined deliveries. Reach out today to see our latest catalogue and competitive wholesale rates.