Black cone candles
Trio of black cone candles
Large black cone candle
Tall black cone candle
Black cone candle
Black cone candles

Black Cone Candle Trio

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A set of three black cone candles, making a classy gift and a formidable way to style your home. Tall and elegant, they add a dramatic touch to any occasion.

We’ve created these from the bottom up, so they stand steady, won’t smoke and don’t drip. A quality, long-lasting designer candle that is sure to impress and burns with a steady, calm flame.

Cone Trio gift box contains 3 Black Cone Candles:
• 1 x Small (4.5 x 10.5 cm)
• 1 x Medium (6 x 20 cm)
• 1 x Large (7 x 31 cm)

Our cone candles do not drip or smoke. Poured from the finest wax and finished with a 100% natural, cotton wick. This cone candle is a solid black.

• Burn time: 9, 25 & 60 hrs
• Colour: solid black
Fragrance free
Fully refined wax
• Style: cone candle