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Wedding Candle Trios x 18

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Make your wedding spectacular with our trio of large pillar candles. Choose warm white candles for a classic wedding setting, or go modern with our deep black candles.

Whether it's for next year or next weekend, we deliver fast & all across Australia. See delivery info for details or get in touch to discuss the options.

Our Trios come with 3 candles per set, one in each size S, M and L. This set of 18 has a total of 18 small + 18 medium + 18 large candles = 54 pillar candles.

All our pillar candles are made from the finest wax and finished with a 100% natural, lead-free wick for a beautiful clean burn.

• Colour: deep black / warm white
• Fragrance free
• Fully refined paraffin wax
• Style: pillar, flat top

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