The art of candle making

We love lighting a candle after a long day of work. We love how it calms us down. And we love the ritual of lighting a candle to transition between work and home, slowing down by candle light. What we don't love so much is a smoking candle. Or a candle that drips. Nor candles that burn unevenly. This is why we started Candle Kiosk.



The art of candle making emerged almost 5000 years ago. By the 13th century, candle making had become a guild craft in Europe. This art involves techniques and skills that have been passed down through the ages. Today, anyone can make a candle quickly by cutting corners with modern technology, but to make a candle of the highest quality – a clean, smoke-free and calm burn, minimal drip, and an ability to maintain shape – this needs to be done by true experts.

Black sculptural candles

We started making candles locally in Australia, and as we saw the growing potential we began our search for candlemakers that could meet the demand while maintaining the quality. We travelled the world experimenting with candle makers across Asia and Europe, to find our master candle making partners. We have since been working with candle makers in Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam.

“Candle Kiosk have a no compromise policy when it comes to their products, something that is so rare to see today in our quick fix, fast paced society.”

A family-owned business in Vietnam, who’ve been perfecting their craft for over 50 years, are a big part of our team; hand pouring every candle at perfect temperatures, with a perfected hand technique. True craftsmanship in candle making means a superior candle experience for Candle Kiosk customers.

Black cone candles

Our big dream for the future is for customers to truly understand the love and care that goes into Candle Kiosk. We are not just another company making some products to fill space in this world. We are consciously crafting a superior candle to delight our customers. We are bringing back to life an ancient art; an art designed to help people illuminate, harmonise and create beauty in their home, naturally.

[This article contains an excerpt from a Brands of Kin magazine interview]

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Thank goodness this Informative article is interesting and clear. Others I’ve read made me feel like I needed a degree to decipher them. After reading this article i get to know more about Candle making and know it is a relaxing activity.

Leeanna C. Kearney

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