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About us

Large black pillar candles

Candle Kiosk

Candle Kiosk is an Australian-owned candle company based on Sydney's Northern Beaches. We specialise in quality pillar candles at affordable prices.

Our Candles

All our candles are poured from fully refined wax, and finished with a 100% natural, lead-free wick for a clean burn. By optimising the wick to match the wax & the diameter of the candle, we ensure our candles burn evenly all the way down, without dripping, smoking or tunnelling.

Candle Kiosk candles are designed & developed to meet Australian, EU & US specifications, and are independently tested for safety and quality. We use high quality German dye and wicks.

Our Packaging

With so much plastic ending up in our oceans, we've decided to be smarter about our packaging & have chosen a more considered route; we make our packaging entirely out of recycled paper, from the box to the protective buffers inside it. And the candles are individually wrapped in tissue paper, not plastic. So we can ship our candles undamaged, without damaging the world.

Order through our online store, or get in touch to discuss wholesale options.

Simple pleasures, delivered.


Candle Kiosk box

Our Story

Candle Kiosk is the result of an ongoing journey to create a high quality candle experience. One that allows you to fill your home with candlelight.

We set out to go beyond just pouring candles and to really get to the bottom of what makes a great candle; not just a candle that is aesthetically pleasing, but also one that burns beautifully. Through experimenting with different waxes and wicks, varying diameters, making samples and testing, we created a clean burning candle that doesn't drip, smoke or tunnel, and this is the candle that lies at the heart of our collection.