Create a cosy home you won't want to leave

'How to make a cosy home you won't want to leave'

Written by our guest blogger Emma-Kate Wilson 

(Sydney-based art and design writer - )

As a freelance writer, I'm someone who always spends a lot of time at home; I'm constantly looking around for improvements to make a cosy home. This feels especially true at the moment, as the government advises us that self-isolating is the safest thing to do, and the repeated message is to simply stay at home. Here are a few tips that will ensure you'll feel relaxed and cosy — you won't even want to leave (like you have a choice!).

Bowerbird Interiors for Candle Kiosk

The joy of working from home is exposed in the morning when you can make yourself a coffee and bring it back to bed with your laptop. As a freelancer who works from home, the first thing I recommend is finding an easy, yet delicious way to make coffee. An Aeropress is crazy easy to use, and you can continue to support local coffee roasters (like Barrel One Coffee Roasters in Brookvale, SYD) by buying coffee beans straight from the source.

This brings me to my next point, creating a cosy bed is number one for a lovely little nest to hide away from the world. Add textures with linen sheets, woollen blankets and big euro cushions. But, aim to get out of the bedroom before 10am, try some light exercises and set up your work station if you are now working from home. Having a split space can cause a divide between relaxing and working mode, so try to put away 'work' objects (i.e. laptop, files, and phone) in a separate room if you can, or out of the way for the evenings at least.

Bowerbird Interiors for Candle Kiosk

During such uncertain times, it's essential to relax, unwind and take each day as it comes. Investing in comfy pyjamas that can pass as loungewear is another short cut to a snug life (think linen shirts or soft jersey trackies).

Throughout the home, work with a neutral colour palette, but add in pops of colour with art and splashes of green. Now could also be the time to invest in that artist you've always loved, or try your hand at creating your own pieces. Try googling 'continuous line drawing' for a way to unwind with a creative fix and landing yourself a new piece of art. And bringing plants in the home is the easiest way to connect with nature; like Peace Lillies and Snake Plants which proven benefits to cleaning the air in your apartment.

Bowerbird Interiors for Candle Kiosk

To make your home truly a place you’ll feel nurtured in all day, reduce and limit the time spent on phones and watching the news; set up a space to work on puzzles while listening to music, or fill your bookcase with new books to read. See if you can find a record player and start collecting vintage albums (bonus if the covers can double as art, leaning up against a wall!).

Once the working day is done, a good set of candles is the easiest way to connect the mind to the body and helps create a tranquil, cosy space — especially if you have a tub to sink into. Candle Kiosk has stunning candles that offer a sculptural element, just like art but with added ambience.

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